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In any self-help course, it is not enough to just take the course and learn the basics. You may practice the principles and the teachings of the course, but there are times that even the supplementary materials for reading are not enough to help you out of a tight spot. In the case of the Abundance Course, you may at times find it difficult to achieve the proper mindset for such a lifestyle.

If the written materials are not enough, where else do you turn then? Of course, the ones that can help you are those that practice the same thing that you are practicing. You need to get in touch with your fellow practitioners of Larry Crane’s Abundance Course. There are two ways that you can do that: first, you can try and call them by phone. However, communications by phone take too much time and you can only interact with one person.

To get as much help as possible, you need to get in touch with as many practitioners of the Release Technique as possible. You can only do that through the Release Technique forum, a website designed specifically for Release Technique practitioners to get together with each other despite the apparent barriers of distance and geographical location.

What other things can you do with the Release Technique forum?

Exchange Ideas

The fact about humans is that we see one thing in many ways that are different from each other. You and your fellow practitioners of the course may be taught one central philosophy, but it is entirely normal that each of you perceives the teaching in many individual interpretations. Instead of causing discord or disunity, however, you can all learn from each other by exchanging ideas and that is what the Release Technique forum will let you do.

In the website, you can come across a lot of Release Technique disciples each with their own ideas or interpretations of the Abundance Course. You can discuss how each of you can apply the teachings of the Abundance Course in a particular situation, for instance.

Build a Social Network

Another thing that you can do with the Release Technique forum is to build a social network with the people that you meet there. Through the forums, you can find someone that might be able to help you out with something else, not just the Release technique. For example, you might find someone that you could start a business with.

4 thoughts on “Release Technique Forum

  1. Greg

    I own the course on CD and the book. However, I have not been made aware of the Release Technique forum. I tried the link on the above page, but it just loops to another sales page. Is this another one of Larry’s little tricks to manipulate people? You can take the man out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of Larry. I suspect there is no forum. Larry likes to control all information exchange regarding the course. Not a good sign.

    My phone conversations with Larry left me feeling intimidated and that I was too stupid to understand the course. I called for assistance, which is one of the advertised benefits of the course. I felt like someone had taken my money and told me to just go away. Not a good impression. I have been treated better by NY cab drivers.

    If there really is a forum for users of RT, can you please email me the link. I look forward to your reply as it could have an impact on my overall opinion of the course, the book, advertised support, and Mr. Crane.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Greg,

    I hope I can help you here.

    I am the owner of this website, and while it was originally created to promote the release technique, I plan on making it much more “user friendly” and helpful very soon. I have been busy recently with other stuff. As far as a release technique forum, I personally recommend both the following forums for releasing discussion and information:

    the second is obviously more geared towards the sedona method version of releasing, but honestly, it’s all releasing, just slightly different methodology. In my opinion, and releasing is doing you good. Allowing more flow and love into your life will help, whatever technique you use.

    I hope that helps!


  3. Ken

    Hi Nick,

    I am a graduate of both the Release Technique and Sedona Method. I would recommend a forum where graduates can come together and share gains, comments and problems with releasing so other graduates can help each other directly.


  4. admin Post author

    Hi Ken,

    Glad to hear from you : )

    I recommmend you check out the forum at:

    if you haven’t already that is.

    I am in the process of setting up my own forum at the moment, but it will be a while longer before it has enough content to be worth joining.

    Hope that helps,


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